Caring for new moms

Being pregnant and having a brand new baby is known to most as the happiest day ever. Sadly, for some moms during pregnancy and even after birth it can be a difficult time for some. As one goes from an I-can-do-it myself to an overwhelm mom. The emotional and physical demands of new motherhood can be pretty surprising as most new mom focus on the pregnancy and delivery and postpartum is minimize not realizing that this is the biggest part of being a new mom. Once the baby is born is when the real work begins as sometimes even getting the chance to shower can become the self accomplishment of the day. It’s good to realize that the first several months after birth in particular, the first few weeks can be quite the challenge as the postpartum period usually lasts six to eight weeks. During this period the mother progresses through many changes both physically and emotionally. In the first few weeks a new mom should be relieved of all responsibilities other than feeding the baby and recovering her body. While most moms think they can handle this on their own it is always good to get some extra help around the house (no, not the husband). Being a new mom is a 24hr/7 days a week job that has time for very little breaks. The fact is a new baby and a new mom outnumber a single caregiver two to one, with separate needs that continue around the clock for at least the first month after birth according to One should plan for a minimum of two weeks of daily help at home after birth. And woman who have cesarean (c-section) also need very specific practical assistance. Even seasoned moms realize that getting the extra help for their other children also comes in handy. With a home health aide by your side they can cook, clean, do laundry, reassure, listen, and make sure you rest as much as possible as well as perform plenty of other duties.

Postpartum suggestions:
  • Get some sleep as the baby sleep. They are on their time not yours.
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food
  • Patience and understanding goes a long way
  • Try to have as little stress as possible

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