Companionship services

The ideal partner to share time and conversation while being with a trained professional.

At Exclusive Care we understand that as we age we lose friends and family due to the natural course of life sometimes leaving people who are elderly alone or with minimal support. This in turn might lead to depression and isolation, thereby causing possibly more health issues. That’s why Exclusive Care strives to change that by providing our clients with smart, warm and friendly caregivers that can provide care in various settings such as: the home, hospital or other facility depending on each individual’s circumstance. With an Exclusive Care companion, you can do the activities you really want to do, confident that you’ll have someone friendly to go with you, chat to, and help you if you need it. A visit to the theatre, afternoon tea out, or a trip to a shopping center to choose presents for loved ones all become not only possible, but enjoyable too. With an Exclusive Care caregiver, you can visit friends again, get out to an appointment without worrying how to manage or keep up with your regular club meeting. Our companionship service is for those that still enjoy life and are active individuals that would benefit from having someone to enjoy hobbies and crafts, whatever you are doing; your companion will enjoy doing it with you. At Exclusive Care we would love to spend time and chat with you whether you want to reminisce about old times or talk about current affairs. We will help you do the things you have to do, while enjoying the things you want to do.