Homemaker services

The perfect home assistant to take care of the home duties. This is ideal for the individual that is mentally alert but might have one or more physical needs.

This program has been incorporated by Exclusive Care to offer individuals with physical disability the ability to live independently and in the privacy of their own homes. Homemaker services may delay or prevent the need for care in an institution and our clients are able to remain at home, go to school, go to work and participate in activities in their community. The certified Personal Care Aide (PCA) can assist our clients with all activities of daily living. Therefore we aid our clients by providing assistance in completing tasks that they are unable to manage without support.

Covered Services A homemaker is assigned to provide
basic household assistance, including:
  • assistance with personal hygiene
  • essential shopping and errands
  • Personal laundry and linens
  • light housekeeping and help with organization
  • Meal planning and preparation
Non-Covered Services A homemaker is not assigned to provide the following:
  • washing outside windows
  • moving large furniture
  • shoveling snow
  • caring for a garden or yard
  • cleaning up before or after company
  • washing walls
  • caring for pets or house plants
  • painting
  • shampooing carpets
  • skilled nursing services
  • assisting with a bladder or bowel program
  • providing transportation, unless there is an emergency
  • Other tasks not necessary to maintain a person in his or her home