Live-in care

The ideal services for those that are bed bound and can’t get out of the house or are in need of constant monitoring and assistance day or night. At Exclusive Care we provide the care that never leaves your side.

We provide our Exclusive Care peace of mind for those that are the adult child of a parent that is now in need of someone to assist them with their activities of daily living and also to be there with them 24 hours a day 7 days a week but, that your loved one has the personal space and autonomy they would want. Exclusive Care provides the highest standards of professional care for those that wish to live in their own homes providing the perfect balance between providing your loved one with the dedicated care they need, while preserving their independence and dignity.

Our live-in care covers overnight services which is part of Exclusive Care’s total care plan. These services involve a caregiver assisting the client right before bed and sometimes during the night. If you are forced to assist a loved one and woken up several times during the night it can greatly affect your health and the following work day. We understand the strains this can have on an individual and a family as a whole. An Exclusive Care caregiver usually requests that they receive eight hours of sleep but, they are there to assist two times during the night if your loved one needs to use the restroom or can’t sleep.

Live-in care helps prevent placing your loved one in a facility by reducing two of the biggest reasons they would end up there:
  • As a result of poor medication management
  • As a result of a slip, trip or fall that could have been avoided with proper care