Post-Operative care

We care for those that had or are going to undergo surgery. Post-operative care can have a positive impact for patients, in particular during the first 48 hours after surgery.

At Exclusive Care we offer a better experience as you would be greeted by a warm and friendly registered nurse (RN) that is knowledgeable and professional that would evaluate you and your current condition. The RN will develop a personalized plan of care detailing all the needs that you would or may have, as well as be available to answer any question(s) you may have. We believe every patient deserves the highest standards of safety and care.

A better experience would not be complete if it’s not for Exclusive Care’s certified home health aide (HHA) who would be able to meet you and would go to and from the operating room with you if you desire. After discharge the true experience of recovering in luxury would begin as you would be pampered in style and in the comfort of your own home, so you can focus on recovery not the chores of your daily schedule. Imagine not having to do a single chore in the house such as:cooking a meal or even getting your own medication as our home health aide will take care of all your needs and let you focus on a safe and happy recovery. Our goal is to prevent further complications or injuries and to promote healing that will allow you to return back to your natural state of health.

Exclusive Care’s post-operative care is to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible without any complications and adequate pain management.

A few tips before surgery:
  • Talk to your doctor to see what would be required from you pre & post-surgery
  • Do not smoke, drink or take any substances that would interfere with your surgery
  • Do not take jewelry or any unnecessary items with you
  • Plan to arrive early to your scheduled surgery time
  • Wear loose clothing so that it can be easy to put on or taken off
  • Plan to have a home health aide with you to escort you to and/or after discharge
How to enroll:

Contact Exclusive Care at (718) 364-4032 and ask us about our post-operative services